May we take your order?

We do not work for Pixar Animation Studios,
nor are we part of a viral campaign.

We are merely visitors from the outside

For now we are staying within Southern California.  
However that is subject to change.  

Stay tuned.

We have yet to actually deliver a pizza.


Since we are in the process of redesigning our own rocket,
we can only offer advice on how to go about constructing your own.

Unfortunately we cannot send you a cup. 
We received our file from a friend in Japan with the stipulation that we only use it for the truck.

It's a great hiding spot for Woody, though.

We have buttons available! You can catch us for a special YO Button, or you can purchase Pizza Planet Truck buttons at:

Hula Girls Shave Ice
16556 Bolsa Chica St.
Huntington Beach, CA